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The "conquer" the idea to play to the extreme,OAKLEY FAST JACKET sun glasses Oakley Sunglasses performance excellence, the replaceable lens design unique,Cheap Oakleys can be worn at different ambient light. Application of innovative Switchlock technology, fast and convenient replacement of the lens. The technique by a quick disassembling system will lens locking in place. By the technology of Switchlock, the lens can be firmly hung, excellent clarity, vivid, accurate view. Glasses through a stainless steel metal mold button, can easily release the lens, required operating at least, no worries. OAKLEY OUTLET As long as the new lens can be worn in place. From sunrise to sunset, be the most changeful environment light, if vision can not adapt, cannot enjoy the scenery. Professional athletes know, light filter, blocking glare, visual contrast and color balance and other factors, if properly combined, contribute to their best performance, but these factors according to different sports and different site and change. With the help of OAKLEY FAST JACKET, they have the ability to quickly adapt to the environment light, allow yourself to have all the advantages. WHOLESALE OAKLEY FAST JACKET come first on the list Oakley the performance of technology innovation around the world leading company in. Using high-definition optical incomparable (HDO) technology and patented XYZ OPTICS technology, arbitrary angle to maintain eye height and optical precision. Each side frame with nano anti oil pen, transparent membrane in the lens is coated with a layer of special, so that water droplets fall lens, without leaving traces in the lens, blocking the line of sight. Lens impact the ability to meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard, and the clarity and optical precision is higher than the standard. With two interchangeable lenses, a pair of used in strong sunshine environment, the other side is suitable for illumination in the environment of low, can be worn in many environments. This kind of glasses with glasses box, glasses can be conveniently stored.
Picture frame:
Metal icons highlight. WHOLESALE OAKLEYS FAST JACKET half frame lens structure, prevent downward vision. The frame is used in O MATTER materials, light weight, wear comfortable, durable, can be amenable to professional sports "".
SWITCHLOCK interchangeable lens technology, can realize fast, safely interchangeable lenses.
Using the optical lens material PLUTONITE the most pure. Can filter out all the UV, including UVA, UVB, UVC and the longest wavelength to harmful blue light 400nm.
The nose support:
Interchangeable nose each frame with two sizes of support, help the precise positioning. Nose and feet are made with Ou Keli UNOBTAINIUM material, increased sweating frame grasping force.
The glasses legs:
Three point type frame and the lens attached to maintain optical alignment precision, WHOLESALE OAKLEY OUTLET wearing the most comfortable, not like ordinary frame in ear pressure point.

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