Reasons Why You Can’t Find Your Style

Reasons Why You Can’t Find Your Style

Ah, the happy world of fashion and style… The world of appearance. The one that we think is futile, superficial and that we relate to the big brands, muses, luxury brands, podiums and fashion week.

But what if there’s more to it than that? Much more than an illusion, glitter and synthetic perfumes? I believe in a strong notion of style: in my opinion, style is a super power. It is the image you send back to the world, but above all the image you send back to yourself, and for this reason it deserves a lot.

I would like to put an end to the apriori we have on this wonderful tool. No, you don’t need to be a model to look good and look good in your clothes. No, you don’t need to cultivate only the interior to feel good. Let us give Caesar back what belongs to the Style: he should not be left aside in order to privilege his friends the intellect or the G culture, who have a better reputation.

The style

Style is indeed part of this world, it makes us experience Beauty, gives us impulses of creativity and thus connects us to the present moment. In this article I would like to show you what your main stylistic obstacles are and how to get around them so that you can finally be whole, finally being yourself inside and out.

Because finding your style is an illusion

It’s starting strong! Then why this title, Emma? I can hear you from here as I write these few lines… Because if you type “style” on our very dear friend Google, it is the first expressions that come out and haunt us like old ghosts that we have always wanted to chase away without succeeding. We feel unfulfilled and frustrated, do you know what it feels like? Find your style, find your style, find it. Yes, but where? No, I can confirm, the style is not hidden in the back of your wardrobe.

Find your style?

If you follow this blog, you know a little bit about my opinion on clothes and you know that according to my practices, style is an exercise. It is worked on, we learn the style, it does not fall on us like that, one beautiful spring day. Nor is it at the bottom of your drawers or in the advice of a shop assistant.

Style exercises

If you want to improve your style, you will have to commit yourself to making things happen, you will have to search, observe, experiment. That’s all there is to it. That’s why I created this site, so that you can take charge of yourself and learn about this wonderful tool that is style, a tool that can change your life.

Because you take yourself too seriously

Here’s a reason you didn’t expect… Besides, you don’t think you’re as serious as all that, you crunch life to death, you put yourself in danger, you’re optimistic, and you like to have a great laugh with your loved ones. Yes, you like to live and enjoy.

Take your style seriously

But do you like to enjoy your style? Experiment with things you want, no matter your age, your body shape? Whatever your apriori on your silhouette, on what it is good to wear according to society, or according to your loved ones?

I’ll reassure you, you can go! You can try what attracts you instead of systematically resting on the shelf this sublime little dress. You are beautiful as you are and the garment is there to enhance this beauty, to serve you, to accompany you and to define you as you want to show yourself. So why not just enjoy it? You’ll be alone in the cabin, I assure you. Alone in front of yourself and this garment. In fact, only you will have the click or not to say to yourself “but yes, it suits me well”.

Dare to dare the style

I have given dozens of women a new look, all of them, I mean ALL of them knew how to recognize beauty. Not just because I was throwing at them a “it suits you”, not just before, when they had a quarter of a second alone with the garment before the cabin curtain opened.

That tiny little moment when they were surprised and recognized themselves: “but yes, it suits me super well”. This mini second, where everything is at stake, where they experience “beauty”, the one that makes us better, the one that slams us with beauty and refocuses us. A little like the one we experience when faced with the accuracy of a canvas, the one we see during a sunset by the sea. The one who is just and perfect as he is.

The Beautiful

I did nothing more than sow in this person an interrogation, or more vulgarly a “who cares, you try and then you take it off if you don’t like it, it’s worth a try”.

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