Secrets For Beautiful Long Hair

Secrets For Beautiful Long Hair

There’s nothing more seductive than a beautiful mane. Long hair is the symbol of femininity in its strongest and most radiant form. But as everyone who wears them knows, maintaining long hair is not easy, and efforts are daily. Here are some tips to keep her hair strong and healthy.

We cut!

It may seem a little paradoxical, but one of the secrets to having beautiful long hair is to cut it regularly. You are not asked to cut off your beautiful hair, but to have it blunted every two or three months. Daily aggressions wear down the hair and cause split ends, which tend to move up along the hair. It seems as if they are no longer growing. To have long hair, therefore, we cut it, CQFD.

Wash your hair thoroughly

It is essential to choose a shampoo that is perfectly adapted to the nature of your hair, in order to wash it without aggression. It is always preferable to choose a mild shampoo, even if it means using a shampoo from time to time for fragile hair or even for babies. In any case, organic or natural formulas are often less aggressive. And in any case, rinsing is very important: well rinsed hair should “creak” under the fingers. However, you should not wash your hair too often, otherwise it will weaken it: two to three times a week at most. If they tend to grease too quickly, washes can be spaced out by using a dry shampoo at the roots.


Care is absolutely essential to keep long hair healthy. A nourishing and detangling treatment can be used after each shampoo. Once a week, it is important to nourish your hair thoroughly with a mask. And once a month, they are offered a real beauty cure by letting them pose overnight under a scarf or towel. In this case, you can also exchange the commercial mask for shea butter or a bath of argan oil, borage or jojoba. In all cases, care should be used only on the lengths, never on the roots.


To aerate the hair, make it breathe and remove all the dust accumulated during the day, brushing is essential. Traditionally, it is said that 100 brush strokes in the morning and evening are necessary for beautiful long hair. It is best to use a soft bristle brush to avoid damaging the hair. Wild boar hair brushes are the most suitable. And to get rid of knots, we will always prefer a wide-toothed comb, made of wood or horn. That is, you never brush wet hair, which can break.

We think of food supplements

Good hair health also requires a sufficient supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Pollen and royal jelly contain many of these elements in quantity, and thus constitute a real cure of youth for the hair. Brewer’s yeast, on the other hand, is very rich in vitamin B, strengthens hair and boosts hair growth. Zinc and magnesium are useful in case of a fall. Note that many complexes, in capsule or tablet form, are available in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Long, shiny hair is possible!

The object of fantasies, a sign of ultra femininity, long hair is a grail that many of us end up giving up, discouraged by the lack of volume or shine of their hair, or because of their eternally damaged ends. However, it is enough to follow a few rules of good hair conduct to conquer it, this famous grail!

Knowing that hair grows about a centimetre a month and that it has a lifespan of 4 to 7 years for women, what size could reach a hair that would not be cut for 5 years? 60 cm! Not bad, is it? However, the longer a hair is, the older it is. And an old hair is a hair that has been subjected to a whole bunch of attacks: sun, chemical abuse (colorings and discolorations, straightening…) and mechanical abuse (brushings, straightening…), sea salt and pool chlorine, pollution, etc… Its cuticle (its outer shell) having been subjected to severe stress, keratin flakes are no longer wisely arranged as they must be to reflect light sufficiently and give your hair all the shine you desire.

The lengths are far from the scalp, from where the precious sebum is secreted, which protects your hair from aggression and dehydration. As a result, they are all dry. At the ends, the scales have simply gone away in places, leaving the heart of the hair, the cortex, unprotected. As a result, the forks multiply and the hair is damaged. Nothing to despair about: all this is being made up for, and more easily than you can imagine!


Brush it! Brush it! Without pushing the zeal to our grandmothers’ famous 100 brush strokes, don’t neglect this attention to your hair before going to bed. You will thus rid them of the residues accumulated during the day, avoid knots synonymous with breakage and help to distribute the sebum over the entire hair, which will be better protected. Choose a rounded toothbrush or a comb with spaced teeth, or better still, a natural bristle brush, softer for your hair.

Cut! Cut! It is difficult to go to the hairdresser when you notice that your hair is starting to have a nice length but this is a mistake. By refreshing your hair, you can get rid of dull, split ends and bring new vigour to your hair. Not to mention that a slight gradation restores all its volume to a cut weighed down by the weight of long hair. It would be a shame to do without it, wouldn’t it?


Wash your hair with a mild shampoo specially designed for long hair, which will provide it with softness and moisture.
Don’t skip the conditioner step, which will bring more shine while making it easier to untangle. A fundamental anti-breakage action!
Nourish your hair intensely once a week, with a mask or oil: guaranteed shine!

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