Tips For Models

Tips For Models

This post closes the series dedicated to Fashion Week. Looking at the keywords that allowed you to get here, I realized that some were looking for advice, whether on agencies, on the profession, on go-see, castings, etc.

I do not claim to hold the absolute truth about this very particular profession and world, but here is the information I can give you. They were given to me by agency directors, photographers, models.

On the agencies :

As I said, serious agencies have a kind of accreditation and most of the agencies present in France are grouped into a union: the national union of model agencies. On their website, you will find a list of serious agencies and their specialities: women, men, children.

Some free sites are also quite serious, I would recommend one that I have personally worked with.

Why this one especially? Because when I wanted to insert my castings, they took the trouble to check who I was. I was not asked for money, just to prove that I was an event company, that I was registered with the RCS, etc.

What about model schools?

In France, and this is justified, legislation prohibits this type of practice. In concrete terms, if you come across an ad offering you courses to be a model, run away. These are scams, which make you pay for books or composites, of very poor quality most of the time, maintenance courses, make-up advice, in short wind. You’re going to waste your money, your energy. If you want pretty pictures, you will find a plethora of photographers who will agree to shoot you for almost nothing or even for free. Moreover, we do not pay for access to castings. If an agency asks you to pay for access to castings, it is also a scam (and it is also prohibited).

If you have potential, knock directly on the doors of major agencies. The nerve pays off in life and if you have potential, directors and cashiers will see it immediately, even if you only have holiday pictures to show.

If none of the agencies in the union mentioned above are interested in you, don’t turn to obscure pseudo-agencies whose names I wouldn’t mention because once again, you’re going to waste your money. I even invite you to send me a short note via the contact form if you want to be sure of the reputation of this or that agency. Scammers are very quickly spotted in this business.

When you go to castings, go-see, dress normally: jeans, sweaters or T-shirts, classic shoes, if possible without make-up or very light, with clean hair, ponytail or loose bun. Castlers need to see naturally.

On shootings and parades, you arrive on time, there’s nothing more annoying than girls, already thinking they’re stars, delaying an entire team. If you want them to treat you with respect, be respectful too. Having girls who allow themselves to arrive two hours late on a parade or shooting is something perfectly unbearable, both for the team and for the other models. In the same way that you are not paid in clothes for a shooting, please do not use the creator’s rooms. Most of them are prototypes and, not only is it very bad for your reputation but you will damage the creator.

You will come across people who will make very unpleasant thoughts: ignore them, disconnect mentally, smile and say yes. Adopt a naive fox attitude. Be patient, smiling, calm. Hysterical people are not well regarded in this profession (or any other). Do not forget either that at the present time, thanks to the Internet in particular, everything is known and kept. Do you want your bad behaviour to come out several years later?

Get enough sleep. Real models don’t go around visiting discos and clubs, they sleep so they don’t have suitcases in front of their eyes, which would be so huge that you could put a monogram on them. 8 hours of sleep as soon as you can, drink water because the skin needs it, favour fruit, vegetables and lean meats, forget sodas, cold cuts, junk food. It’s a sacrifice when you’re between 14 and 20 years old. But the modeling career can be very short and there are 30 girls waiting to take your place.

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