Why Sew Your Own Clothes?

Why Sew Your Own Clothes?

You don’t have to be a professional seamstress to start making your own clothes. Sewing is accessible to everyone and has many advantages… Which ones?

Have a unique wardrobe

You’ve probably already run into someone on the street who wore exactly the same shirt as you or those pants you found so original in the shop… With sewing, you’ve finished cloning clothes. Getting into sewing is like giving free rein to your creative ideas… Anything is possible!

You can sew a dress you have in mind or customize a garment you already own to make it unique.

Saving money

Even if this is not necessarily the primary objective, sewing your own clothes can save you money. And in times of crisis, this is not insignificant. No need to wait until the sale period to enjoy yourself.

Patterns are often available free of charge, the basic material is very accessible and many addresses offer low-cost fabrics.

Have the satisfaction of creating

Even as a child, you used to draw on notebooks clothes straight out of your imagination and the haute couture fashion shows made you dream? There is still time to get started or improve, especially in bag sewing.

Sewing is having the pride of wearing clothes made with your own hands. All you have to do is find the fabrics that match your tastes and equip yourself with a minimum.

How to create your own clothes

Let your creativity speak for itself!

What sewing equipment is needed?

Once the decision is made, all you have to do is start… Following a sewing blog or participating in a sewing workshop near your home is a good way to start learning to sew your own clothes.

Depending on whether you decide to sew at home or in a workshop, the material will be a little different.

Here is the basic material to acquire to create your wardrobe:

The sewing kit

There are very basic sewing accessory kits available, for less than 10 euros… And that’s enough to get started.

You may have already been offered one, think about it… A pair of scissors, a few needles and pins, a tape measure, elastic band, shirt buttons and snap fasteners, and you are ready. Oh no, I’m sorry, the thread reels are missing… the thread reels!

The patterns are available in specialized books and on many sewing blogs (see below). To trace the pieces to be cut on the patterns of sewing books or downloadable online, you need pattern paper, or tracing paper.

A sewing machine

The sewing machine is not necessary to start, since it is quite possible to sew by hand. But to sew faster and create more complex parts, the sewing machine will be a precious ally.

Buying a sewing machine is a small investment, but the second-hand market is an option. Many sewing workshops also exist, where sewing machines and basic equipment are provided.

Where can I find free sewing patterns and tutorials?

There are patterns available for download online from 8 euros for trousers, dresses, shirts or blazers. But if you look carefully, some sewing sites offer free patterns.

Here are the best sewing sites and blogs that offer free patterns and tutorials:

The cotton star: to start alone, this site gives very good advice to create your own patterns from existing patterns, learn to take the right measurements – essential! – and gathers tutorials from different sites to create your own clothes.

Pinterest is full of free sewing patterns. Just type “free couture pattern” in the search bar and you will find pearls like Blue Marguerite, the “creative ideas site”, Bettinael Création, a special beginners blog, the knitting shop or Filoute, with videos as a bonus.

Tout en couture, couture blog run by Mélanie, model maker, offers many free patterns and tutorials for women’s and children’s clothing: fluid dress, saroual, officer collar, bucket skirt, bustier, baby pants….

Patron gratuit brings together dozens of models from all over the Web to inspire you.
On YouTube, there is no shortage of tips. Elsa Couture offers, among other things, a dozen special beginner tutorials – “You can do it too”, to learn how to sew while having a good time! Fanny’s Fabrik is also very educational, so as not to feel overwhelmed when you start….

Why don’t you start by sewing some unique pants just for yourself?

Is it economical to sew your own clothes?

We will have understood it… Many sites offer free templates and tutorials.

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