Woman’s Wardrobe

“Nothing to wear.” If you too are in despair in the morning in front of your closet, this article is made for you! Marinière, jeans, trench coat, pumps… discover the pieces that every fashionista must have for a perfect dressing room, economical and not a headache!

Fashion is an eternal restart, as the saying goes. All the more reason to create great fashion basics to pick from at any time!

Because deep down, who has never hesitated for several seconds in front of his well-stocked closet to know what to wear this morning? To save time AND style, make yourself an ideal dressing room made up of basic fashion essentials.

Start by making a list of essential clothes for all situations in order to dress from head to toe: it involves pumps, a coat, a jacket, a sweater, a small black dress, jeans, boots…

Once you have listed the essential clothes to have in your wardrobe, you can move on to the next step: select precisely which basic clothes in your dressing room you absolutely must have at hand for a stylish outfit.

Essential fashion items for your dressing room: simple clothes

The essential fashion of a woman’s wardrobe is neutral tones and basic cuts, to find clothes that go with everything and to match colours well together.

The basics of an ideal wardrobe are also there to avoid fashion faux pas thanks to clothing combinations that are sure to work. With this good base, no more mismatched clothes and clothes that end up in the cellar.

In a word, the foundation of a dream dressing room must be simple and well cut clothes that will make all the difference. Enough to have style without too much effort: all you have to do is pick from the timeless essentials in your closet!

You can then customize your dressing room with a few strong fashion pieces, marked with bright colours or extravagant cuts.

Timeless clothes in my dressing room

Clothes that you can’t do without, fetish clothes that can’t be separated from them, are also essential pieces over which time has no control.

The fashion favorites of the moment, such as the mustard yellow trend and the other latest fashion trends autumn-winter or spring-summer, it’s all very well, but choosing the right basic clothes also means finding sure values that don’t go out of fashion from one season to the next.

This will save you from doing monthly sales with your old-fashioned clothes!

With these few fashion tips, you have the cards in hand to redesign your wardrobe and adopt your favourite looks with pieces that resist the fashions of the seasons and that go with almost everything!

And you can trust the greatest fashion designers in this field: don’t forget that Coco Chanel considers that “Fashion goes out of fashion, style never” and that for Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashion passes, style stays”.

Then all you have to do is make the right clothing choices!

Fashion accessories

Fashion accessories, or how to give your clothes the detail that makes the difference: belts, hats, jewellery, scarves and other scarves, accessories are not lacking. The latest it-bag, trendy glasses, trendy tights…: whatever the season and fashion of the moment, there is always one or more accessories to match your clothes… and add to your wardrobe. To be at the forefront of fashion, the importance of accessories should never be underestimated. Handbags, earrings, suspenders… there are a multitude of accessories for women that will enhance a outfit with a touch of elegance and originality. Fashion accessories, whether useful or simply aesthetic, multiply throughout the shows and are collected throughout the seasons. The important thing is to know how to match them to your outfit, not to fall into overabundance or bad taste, and to let your creativity express itself.

The jewels

Like a cherry on a cake, a piece of jewellery crowns an outfit. Thanks to the right jewel, it is possible to enhance yourself and create a harmonious whole between the outfit and our accessories. Jewellery has styles and materials that should be delicately combined. In this respect, Lise’s advice makes it possible to combine good taste and elegance by combining jewellery and clothing on a daily basis, or for unique occasions such as weddings, baptisms or even a one-to-one evening.

The cap

The good thing about the cups is that the range of models, materials and colours is endless. This hat – because yes, we sometimes forget it, but it is indeed a hat – is with the most popular cap of all headwear. From traditional fleece-lined wool to microfibre, breathable for sports in the cold, the cups are endless.

The earrings

Earrings are the jewellery you see the most. They frame the face and can even influence its overall shape. Indeed, if they are chosen long and thin they can visually thin a round face, if on the contrary they are chosen short and voluminous, they will bring matter and volume to a face too thin. These jewels are essential to affirm a style or bring a touch of colour and fantasy to an everyday outfit.

The belts

The belt is an ideal accessory because it is both useful and pretty. It is available in many materials and multiple colours, so there may be one for each outfit. She is often the leading figure of a brand that uses her buckle to convey its imprint. Like a perfume or a bag, a belt is an essential accessory to perfect your outfit.

The hats

If there is one accessory that you don’t always dare to wear, but which is remarkable and can make the difference on an outfit, it is the hat. There is something for all tastes, men, women, children; each season also has its own favourite shapes and materials. There are so many that you will necessarily find the right one for every occasion. The hat is an accessory you can’t do without.

The pantyhose

It is the centrepiece of winter clothing. Timeless accessories, tights are in all drawers. Like stockings, they enhance the legs, shape them, make them shine and keep them warm. Made of silk, nylon or wool, patterned or plain, black or coloured, opaque or transparent, sober or feathered, matt or shiny: tights are as versatile as women’s tastes.

The necklaces

To spread in our wardrobes and jewelry boxes, fashions adapt to all supports and so new necklaces, bracelets and fancy rings regularly invade our business, to our great delight. We can thus juggle every day with new accessories that brighten up outfits that regain a second wind by living with new jewellery.

The scarves

If the scarf is essential to spend a warm winter, its usefulness can be extended to other seasons. It depends on the material in which it is made. A pure wool scarf will be perfect for the cold of the heart of winter, cotton will be easier to adopt for autumn or spring, lighter and more pleasant. Each season has its own material and each outfit has its own colour!